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We offer a variety of different services that are tailored to the needs of each client.

Welcome to LGA Home Health Inc.

We live because of our confidence in the human body. Often when one gets ill or injured, becomes aged, this faith in oneself erodes as the body grows weaker. However, one can get by with these changes with a stronger heart and a happy mind.

LGA Home Health Inc. begins with utmost dedication to its clients. With a team of qualified nurses, personal aides, homemakers, companions and caregivers, we champion the needs of every family as though they are our own family.

Our vigor for better home health is impressed by experience and training. We have been to various home situations. We have revised our caring solutions to adapt to any health condition. Above all, our team is committed to leading our clients back to the path of wellness.

With us, you can choose to live because there is hope in the midst of pain. You are alive and breathing and it makes a lot of difference. To schedule an appointment with our health manager, you may reach us through – 818-244-7626.

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Mission Statement

To bring standardized health care to every home in our area. Our caring solutions are always informed and updated on the most recent challenges in health care.

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